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Bluebird Jig

Bluebird Jig

SKU: 978-1-7360359-2-4

Bluebird Jig for 3 Recorders is a fun and lilting piece of music to showcase musical skills on the recorder. An original composition by Lynda A. Silvey for a Recorder Trio comprised of beginner and early intermediate level players. Sheet music. Musical elements include:  Accent notes, staccato notes, slurs, whole and half notes for the beginner part, eighth notes for the intermediate parts. For the middle intermediate part, there are sixteenth notes, a grace note, a trill and a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth note. Included is the Bible verse Matthew 6:26, a personal story from the composer about a Mountain Bluebird family and ornithology and God's creation notes about Mountain Bluebirds. This trio requires listening and working together with other musicians. It's a short piece that may be repeated for a longer piece, and is suitable for recitals to showcase student's mastery of musical skills.

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